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Welcome to Wendover, the world's leading source of
commercial office relocation and expansion sales leads.
What We Do

Wendover is a premium lead generation company focused on researching businesses that are relocating or expanding. We use our proprietary database and processes to identify the most lucrative projects for our clients. These companies have allocated funds for their relocation, and have to make purchases to complete the process. Over the last 22 years 10,000 Companies across the US, Canada, England and Ireland have generated net-new incremental business from our leads.

Who benefits from leads?

Technology, Office Furniture and Design, Banking, Security, Movers...
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Larry Dillon on CNBC

Why Choose Wendover?

  • Highest Average Leads
  • Best Prospects
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Higher Margins

We have helped our clients win the battle of margins. We have helped our clients develop sales strategies to close more deals at higher margins. Find out the secret to closing high margin deals and why most companies sabotage these oportunites and don't even know it. Contact us now to find out more.

Partnership with IOMI

Wendover Corporation announces today the formation of a partnership between the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) and Wendover. “We are excited to recommend IOMI® to our clients, said Larry Dillon, CEO of the Wendover Corporation. “We believe IOMI’s office moving methods are the best way for our clients to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, increase their margins and thrive vs merely survive in our challenging economic environment,” added Dillon.

Ed Katz, president of IOMI, offers a 3-day office moving seminar that teaches the best practice methods of marketing, estimating, selling, operations and admin. To learn more about his training, visit
Wendover provides the tools you need to grow your business

Wendover is the global leader in serving business with commercial relocation leads and we've been doing it for over 20 years. CEO, Larry Dillon, has consulted to such companies as IBM, AT&T, and Cisco and he has also been featured on CNBC, the New York Times, VAR Business, and Fortune Small Business. Larry has helped thousands of companies in the Moving, Telecom, Technology and Furniture industry, double, triple and even quadruple their sales by using his products and proven methods. Select the option below to find out more about how the Wendover Team can boost your business to the next level.

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Don't believe us? Listen to our customers ...

"In the last 3 months I've set nearly 12 appointments for our sales rep in the area who was able to book 4 jobs at a profit of nearly $10,000.  Thank you Wendover for helping us increase our sales during these troubled economic times."

William Stevens
Alex Moving & Storage
Santa Ana, California

"I am a big fan of Wendover, and have been using them to build the business for about 13 years now.  It is hard to believe I have been in the moving and storage industry for this long!  In fact, my company purchases another list from one of your competitors, and I am in the
fortunate position to be able to tell you that your lead lists are far superior to your competitors! They entail accurate information, and FULL contact names, which I feel is very important!"

(Prefers to remain anonymous)

"We at Arrow Transfer & Storage,. have been using Wendover Leads since 2004 and they have helped us grow our business! We receive 400 leads per year in Long Island, NY and we are still closing moves from the lists that we have received 2 years ago. Just keep working them and it pays off!"

Maureen McKeown
Sales Associate
Arrow Transfer & Storage

"6 Days, 3 Hours, 30 Minutes!
That’s how long it took us to sell our first telephone system with voice and data cabling using the Wendover Relocation Leads. We also took over service for another location that the customer owns. So far so good!!"

Tony Cardamone
General Manager

"We got the leads for the first quarter for 2009 3 weeks ago.  We started marketing to them just over 2 weeks ago.  Already, we have got 6 appointments with those leads, 1 of them we are already quoting on their needs and 4 of them said as soon as they move forward with their relocation, they will give us an opportunity."

Wayne Druckenmiller

"My sales department has been getting Wendover lists for so long, we don't remember not getting them.  For any business who could benefit from a list of companies who are relocating their offices in their area, this is a no-brainer.  The information is good not only for the sales we make, but it's great information for other lead sources that we work with in our area.
Wendover has been a part of TCI's marketing dollars for so many years, I don't think anyone here could imagine not getting these reports. Thanks, and keep the leads coming!"

Ken Shewbridge
TCI Voice and Data Networks

"Victory Van Corporation is one of the five largest office moving companies in the metro Washington market.  For the past eight years we have used a Wendover list as the primary source of leads for new office moves.  We have a very skilled telemarketer who uses the lists
to set up appointments for our salespeople.

We have found the information on the lists to be up to date and accurate.  At worst, the leads are for moves which may not take place for a year or more, but the contact information is nearly always accurate.  These leads helped us generate well over $350,000 of new business last year.  However, in order to get these results you have to work the leads seriously and regularly.

We would highly recommend the Wendover lists for any company that wants to increase its business."

David A. Lenon
Manager of Business to Business Sales
Victory Van Corporation
"We at Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage have been purchasing Commercial Relocation Leads with Wendover in Kansas City and St. Louis.

We have a running total of deals currently $40,000+ in sales from 2008.

We enjoy the customer service and leads we receive from Wendover and look forward to continuing our success from Wendover."

Frank Senatore
Executive Vice President
Fry-Wagner, Inc.
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